Negative Space Studies #1-10 (of 30)
hand-cut paper
25"x19" each

Installation Views from: HOW THINGS STAND
May 2012, ACRE Projects // Chicago, IL

Exhibition Statement:
The body of work exhibited in How Things Stand is visually informed by a continual gathering of images, both via photographing my daily commute across New York City and by simultaneously searching the internet for existing imagery of the same locations. These reference images, equal parts original and digitally sourced, are used to investigate the relationship between representation and interpretation in the built environment.

As an artist I am primarily interested in the often overlooked in-between spaces and physical boundaries of the structures that comprise cities. Informed by Kevin Lynch's The Image of the City, the work presented here is a distillation of the dense visual information of the edges of urban space.

How Things Stand includes thirty Constructivist-inspired paper cutouts and an accompanying take-away zine of a selection of the reference materials, intended to provide context to the minimalist works.

details of work can be found here, and images from the zine are here.